A Novel Way To Own A House In Nicaragua For $0

I was approached by a gentleman who asked me to represent him in the purchase of a property in Nicaragua. OK… that is what I do. So I laid out my standard terms, US$100 per diem plus expenses, one week paid in advance.

No problem!

Once retained, I asked what I’m to be tasked with. What follows is the most novel approach to getting a house in Nicaragua for free I’ve heard yet. I say ‘yet’, because this is not the first time a client has earned a house for free. The usual approach is for a client to buy land, subdivide, and then sell off enough lots to pay for the initial land purchase and construction of the client’s own home. Although this seems like a simple approach, and is pretty much a sure thing, it can take years to reach one’s goal. This client said he’d already sold seven of the eight houses. He’d live in the remaining home himself and it would be his for FREE.

Apparently my new client thinks outside the box. Read on to appreciate just how far out of the box he is…

Initially, I was asked to find land. It had to be large enough to accommodate four 1000 s/m lots. Done.

The next undertaking was to have the parcel subdivided. That’s in the works too.

At the same time, the preferred house plan is to be reworked by a Nicaragua architect to meet the code here and incorporate local construction materials and techniques. That too is already in the works.

The initial house plan is for very attractive duplexes, each side having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large kitchen, dining area and living rooms, with space for a garage, atrium or dipping pool.

The Novelty Of This Approach

The architect is to provide my client with a list of building materials, mostly American standard plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, gas appliances, cabinetry, and so on that isn’t available locally, or is available but cost prohibitive. All of the items on the list, up to US$45,000 per house, will be imported duty free using an incentive available to pension retirees applying for residency status. All of the new home owners are over 45 years old obviously, and qualify to take advantage of a one time importation of building materials duty free.

It seems my client had done his research. As the ‘general contractor’ he expects to be able to build his home and own his parcel of land for free. He will collect US$70,000 per dwelling, and expects the entire development to cost less than US$490,000. My preliminary number crunching, which includes the cost of materials purchased abroad, shipping of the eight containers, construction and land acquisition appear to make this dream a reality.

An added plus is that each new resident is able to import a vehicle with a value up to US$25,000, provided it is less than ten years old, and US$20,000 worth of personal household items. The car can be sold after 5 years without any penalties.

Another of my duties will be to monitor the importation of both the building materials and household furnishings, then arrange inland transportation to the building site. I understand the new homeowners are going to be driving their vehicles to their new homes, which will be completed and fully furnished when they pull into their driveways for the first time.

This is actually going to be a fun project. I’m sharing it because I would like to work with similar groups to do the same thing.

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