Nica Investments is not a real estate brokerage. Our sole focus is to advise and assist clients seeking to purchase or lease real estate, or to buy or establish a businesses anywhere in Nicaragua. The assistance provided clients covers all aspects of investment; from sourcing viable properties or business opportunities, through acquisition, title transfer/registration, any required land use changes, development, and resale.

In the event a client purchases land to subdivide or develop, or chooses to divest of real property assets, Nica Investments will assist with the marketing and sale as well. Nica Investments has no affiliation with any real estate firm. In the event a client wishes Nica Investments’ assistance in divesting of real estate, our team will work with all real estate firms, domestic and foreign.

The Nica Investments team works strictly on behalf of clients who have retained our services. As such, our mandate is to secure clients the best possible purchase or lease price, terms and conditions. If necessary, Nica Investments will source financing and negotiate affordable terms and conditions as well.

Nica Investment charges clients a per Diem rate of US$100, plus expenses. The daily rate is only applicable to actual days invested on a client’s behalf. In other words, if a transaction requires two months to close but Nica Investments’ services are only required for 10 days, ten days is all that the client is billed for.

A retainer of US$700 is required before Nica Investments can commence acting on a client’s behalf. This amount is deducted from the total billing. If you would like to learn more about the services Nica Investments offers please complete the form below…

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