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Relaunch of our newsletter commenced on September 25, 2016. Following are the editions already distributed…

1. What Gives With The Nicaragua Real Estate Market? – Why prices are not being discounted when the market is not as robust as it once was? And are there bargains? YES!!!

2. Dispelling Myths, Stating Canal Facts & Recommending A Deal – A rant about the recent, misleading US travel advisory, plus my take on the Nicaragua Canal and a super investment opportunity.

3. The Tourists Are Coming & Tourism Highlights – A bit about the tourism industry in Nicaragua, the incentives available to investors and some market info.

4. Joint Venture Development Opportunity – There are a few joint venture opportunities available in Nicaragua, but this one is the best.

5. Shopping Online For Nicaragua Real Estate? Don’t! – The real estate market in Nicaragua is so different that one has to be here to shop for real property.

6. A Pre-Sell Bargain In Granada – Lock in pre construction prices on one and two bedroom condos. Just 5% reserves a price well below current market prices. “Opportunity Lost”

Hotel La Calzada

7. Deal Of The Day & Clarification Of What I Do – Clarification of what I do for clients. Also, a sweet deal on the perfect bed and breakfast opportunity.

8. The Deal Of the Week – A great deal on a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom, house with a swimming pool and brand new appliances.

9. Which Is Better – To Rent Or Buy In Nicaragua? – It is not always prudent in Nicaragua to purchase rather than rent property for commercial use. Learn why…

10. It’s Raining Opportunities In Nicaragua – With the new year, unseasonable rain has finally ended the 5 year drought, so agriculture and ranching are no longer under stress. Best, with the new year comes an extended business model from Nica Investments.

11. Invest In Nicaragua Tourism – The incentives offered to investors in tourism are the best in all of Central America, probably in all of the Americas.

12. How I’m Giving Back To Nicaragua – I do more to give back to Nicaragua than simply investing in country or advising clients to do that same. I have a couple of programs I support that have no direct ROI other than they make me feel good.

13. A Novel Way To Own A House In Nicaragua For $0 – Every now and then I am approached by someone with a novel idea. Usually it is someone thinking outside the box and in this case the box was thrown away!

14. One Man’s Loss Is Another Man’s Gain – 5 adjoining lots, 58 meters deep and each is about 30 meters frontage. Paved roadway, streetlights, electricity, water and ready to build on. Last 5 lots in phase one of a Granada subdivision and only available because the purchase agreement expired.

15. The Challenges Of Banking In Nicaragua – Nicaragua banking laws are always in flux. This is due to the Nicaragua banking system being dependent upon the USA banking system to provide clearing house and transaction forwarding services. Basically the US Federal Reserve dictates what Nicaraguan banks can and can not do… which proves challenging sometimes.

16. Super Restaurant/Bar Opportunity – If you’re interested in operating a restaurant/bar in Granada, Nicaragua and want to get up and running with minimal investment, this is the opportunity for you.

17. Super Rent To Own Deals – Thirty-six Playa Remanso Resort lots of varying sizes have been set aside as rent to properties.

18. Granada City Lacks Self Storage Facilities – It may seem like a boring investment to consider when considering investing in a tropical paradise, but the city of Granada, Nicaragua, needs self storage facilities.

19. Is it difficult to purchase real estate in Nicaragua?  – Important facts about purchasing real estate in Nicaragua.

20. Two Sweet Deals In Granada, Nicaragua – A two bedroom rental house on a double lot, perfect fro subdividing to sell or build a second house on. Also premium building lots at Colinas de San Juan… infrastructure is in and the lots ready for your new home.