Super Restaurant/Bar Opportunity

Sorry, this opportunity is no longer available.

This is the gist of an email I send out to someone interested in leasing restaurant/bar space at Hotel de Sonrisas, located at 401 Calle El Arsenal. That’s two blocks north of the Calle La Calzada, Granada’s nightlife area, and next door to San Francisco Convent & Museum. It’s also next door to my office… and as a disclosure, it’s my hotel as well. I had to evict the previous restaurant operation over a breach of contract issue.

Hotel de Sonrisas logoThe restaurant is licensed along with the hotel to sell food and beverages. The restaurant operator will need to apply for a liquor license in the operator’s own name, but can operate temporarily under the existing license.

The monthly rent for the space of approximately 65 s/m, plus use of common area hotel seating, plus a kitchen, plus a unisex bano, is US$250.

An additional US$100 will be paid monthly towards common electricity, water and WiFi. There is a separate booster/modem for the restaurant included in the hotel’s Claro (ISP) account.

Outside seating is available, but the renter must pay the applicable Alcadia (city hall) fee for the number of tables and chairs the restaurant operator wishes to have. The price at the moment is 50 Cordoba (US$1.80) per table, per month.

There are tables and chairs, a ceiling fan, lighting and some decoration included with the rent of the restaurant space. Any additional tables, chairs or decorations the operator requires are the responsibility of the renter.

A beverage cooler belonging to Coca Cola and made available to the hotel is in the restaurant. Currently nonalcoholic beverages are sold to hotel guests. The hotel will cease selling beverages to guests and ask Coca Cola to reassign the cooler to the restaurant operator. A beer cooler was also to be provided by the brewery but delivery was put on hold.

The kitchen is equipped with a stove and fridge. Both are relatively new and in good working order. Also included in the kitchen are various pots, pans, utensils and assorted kitchen items that would be included with the rent of the restaurant. Any other equipment, utensils, flatware, cutlery, pots or pans the restaurant operator may need are the responsibility of the operator.

Natural gas for the stove/oven is the responsibility of the operator.

The restaurant has both an entrance from the street and another from within the hotel for the convenience of guests. Both are gated and can be locked with a padlock to which only the restaurant operator need have a key. If the renter wishes to use the west side of the building for seating, which city hall has given verbal permissions to do, there is a gated doorway to accommodate serving customers seated outside.

There is a unisex bano for use by restaurant guests and staff. The cleaning, supplying of soap, paper towels and toilet paper, maintenance and repairs needed for this bano are the responsibility of the restaurant operator.

Any renovations or modifications to the restaurant space, bathroom or kitchen are the responsibility of the tenant. However, before any renovations or modifications are undertaken the hotel must be informed of what is to occur. This is to make sure there will be no issues with the fire department or INTUR (the agency responsible for tourism, or that the work is not going to require a building permit. If a building permit is required securing one is the responsibility of the restaurant operator. This restriction does not include painting of walls, changing of light fixtures or other cosmetic changes.

A US$150 damage deposit is required from the renter. This amount will be returned provided none of the supplied furnishings, kitchen appliances or bano fixtures are damaged or are missing at the time the lease period ends.

The Alcadia currently permits the restaurant to have a single sign over the south facing entrance, on Calle El Arsenal. Signage is the responsibility of the tenant. It is possible to add a second sign to the west side of the building. It would be the responsibility of the restaurant operator to apply to the Alcadia for the second sign and to pay any applicable fees.

That’s it. Pretty simple and cheap. This is because I want food and beverage service in the hotel as a convenience for guests. Also, properly promoted a bar and restaurant will attract attention to the hotel, and as a full service hotel allows me to maintain higher room rate than a B&B. Currently the hotel is categorized as a B&B because we serve only breakfast and there are no facilities for guests to purchase lunch or dinner. The hotel would stop making breakfasts for guests and purchase them from the restaurant.

If you’re interested in operating a restaurant/bar in Granada, Nicaragua and want to get up an running with minimal investment, this is the opportunity you’re looking for. Contact me and I will send photos.

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