Thankfully It’s Raining In Nicaragua

It’s Been Raining – And That’s Good News

December, January and February have historically been dry months in Nicaragua. However, this year these months have seen rain the likes of which no one can remember. It’s over now, but after 5 years of drought the unseasonable rain was welcomed. Lake levels are back up, the aquifer is improving, and agriculture and ranching are less strained.

I Modified The Nica Investments Business Model

I’ve been tardy with my newsletter recently, and I apologize for that. The reason, or maybe you’ll want to call it an excuse, is that I’ve been busy launching a new business model… one that was a gamble, but seems to be working beyond expectations.

As I have mentioned in earlier newsletters and on the Nica Investments website, Law 360 offers foreign investors in tourism infrastructure the most generous incentives in all of Central America. Also important is that President Daniel Ortega has decided it will be tourism, not agriculture, manufacturing or outsource call centers, that lifts his people out of poverty. Therefore tourism is the sector of the economy given the greatest attention by the administration.

Rather than simply advising on tourism opportunities, Nica Investments has step up to the plate and become involved with our clients in tourism related ventures, or gone it alone on others. I’ve kept the core business as it was, consultation relating to real property and business investments, but now take an active role in the acquisitions and management of properties and business that fall within Law 360.

With fellow Canadian, long time business client, friend, and now business partner, Sandra Shimmin, we’ve opened Hotel de Sonrisas, formerly Hotel Casa Caprichio. The hotel operation is developing nicely… but not without hiccups.

Hotel de Sonrisas has an in-house spa that will be doubling as a hands on educational facility to empower women from all over Nicaragua. The purpose is to teach women marketable skills they can apply to their own small business ventures in their home towns. The women will be taught how to give therapeutic massage, manicures and pedicures, facial treatments, and perhaps later we’ll include hairdressing.

The restaurant was opened briefly with an experienced operator, and under a rather unique and fair partnership arrangement. A breach in the contract that was given ample time to be addressed and rectified never was, so at the end of the review period notice to vacate was given. The space is now available and we are considering operating the food and beverage service ourselves. If a trustworthy, experienced restaurateur wanted to take over the virtually turnkey indoor space, and develop the potential of the outside seating area that is already approved but the city, we’ll listen.

A second option became available that was too good not to pursue. Hotel La Calzada is probably one of the most unique boutique hotels in all of Nicaragua, in Granada for sure. With it’s collection of art and collectibles, many people walking though the front doors think they’ve walked into an art gallery dedicated to world famous Granada artist Tony Kulusic. Five years under renovation, the upscale hotel was designed by Mr. Kulusic as well, and is a work of art in itself. No expense was spared to provide guests with the very best stay possible.

Hotel La Calzada exterior view

The hotel bar is the Hogs Breath Saloon, which is to open this month. When it does, it too will be unique. However, it won’t be open to the general public. Instead, the bar will function as a members only facility, with hotel guests granted temporary membership during their stay. The plan is to open only Thursday through Saturday as a bar with food service. Members though may use the facility any day of the week for business meetings, a family get together, or celebrations of any kind. There will be a minimum and maximum number of people permitted, but members will not find the restriction too difficult to comply with since there’s ample indoor and outdoor seating.

The websites are still under construction but are: www.hotellacalzada.com and www.hogsbreathsaloon.club

More Opportunities Seem To Rain Down

It would appear Nica Investments’ new business model has caught on. A number of hotel, hostel and people with properties ideal for tourism activities, or existing tourist related ventures, have approach us to discuss areas of cooperation.

Our team is small. So unfortunately, not every opportunity presented can be pursued, even though all warrant serious consideration. We’re trying to include more team members, but totally trustworthy people with the necessary skills, experience and abilities are few and far between. Plus no one is invited on board without making a commitment they’re contractually bound to.

At the moment there are three opportunities, one a hostel, another a tourist attraction/activity, and the third an excellent long stay vacation rental property are under consideration. All have huge potential. However, like all tourism related businesses, they’re hands on operations. The simple fact is, without trusted extra hands these opportunities remain “under consideration” until there is an expansion in personnel.

The point of basing this current newsletter on what appears to be self promotion is to give notice to potential clients that Nica Investments not only advises on investment opportunities in Nicaragua, but actually follows through ourselves. If you’re a hotelier, restaurateur, tour operator or experienced event planner looking to resettle in Paradise contact Nica Investments. It is very likely we have a perfect match for you to become involved in.

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