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The Deal Of the Week And Something Special For Anxious Americans

The Deal Of The Week

The inventory of affordable homes in downtown Granada, Nicaragua is growing smaller by the day. It is not so much that affordable homes are being bought up… although that is certainly part of it.

The reality is that owners of affordable houses in Granada know prices are on the rise so they are unwilling to sell their property now for a low price. Most can and will wait until prices go up. Occasionally there are deals though, and this is one of them…

exterior of 2 bedroom 3 bathroom house/

This two bedroom, three bathroom home has an indoor swimming pool and large kitchen. The massive master bedroom with en suite is on the second floor. The second bedroom, that could also be a den or office, has its own private bathroom as well. There’s a third bathroom for guests.

The home has been recently renovated. In fact, the fridge and gas stove are still shrouded in the protected plastic they were wrapped in at the factory, and the washing machine is still in the box it was delivered in.

The home is located on the north side of Calle La Calzada, just a few blocks from Central Park and Granada’s nightlife and tourist area.

If purchased as a revenue property, or a vacation home that would be rented out when not required by the owner, the property would easily rent for US$500 plus utilities.

The owner is asking US$149,500.00 for the property. Title is clear and there are no encumbrances to interfere with the transfer of the property. The vendor is not prepared to provide purchase financing but financing is available. To learn more, contact Nica Investments.

Are You An American Anxious About Your Future?

I was recently contacted by someone I had never had the pleasure of working with until now. I am restrained by the terms and conditions of a Non Disclosure Agreement, so can not say more than the person is someone who does not feel comfortable remaining in the USA. This person, I can not even divulge gender, feels there may be other citizens who are having similar feelings of angst.

I was tasked with finding prime properties in Nicaragua upon which housing can be build to provide displaced Americans.

Now doesn’t this sound like someone is trying to capitalize on Trumpaphobia? Of course it does. But the reality is far from it!

The deal is simple. Homes will be constructed for displaced Americans of any religion, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, income bracket or lack of employment. No matter who someone is or what their personal financial situation is at the moment, they will be accommodated. No one will be refused refuge… except for racists, religious bigots, and convicted felons.

So what does this mean exactly? It means what is says… No one who fears for their personal safety, the safety of their family, or their right to live life as they wish is going to be unable to relocate to Nicaragua and live a much more idyllic life.

If your means are limited, a solution will be found. So do not worry.

If you have children, there are acclaimed schools throughout Nicaragua that cater to foreign students. Or enroll your children in the local schools so they can learn Spanish quickly and make a great many new friends.

In closing, I want to reiterate that this offer is available to everyone but racists, religious bigots and felons. Everyone else, regardless of who you are, can move to a tropical paradise. The only thing that will hold you back is fear, and that fear will mostly be based on misinformation or outright propaganda. That, and your own fear of change… the fear to step outside your comfort zone.

To learn more contact Nica Investments

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