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Dispelling Myths & Sharing Facts

Dispelling a myth.

The US government’s travel advisory is cautioning Americans that travel to Nicaragua at this time may be risky. The reason given is that emotions during the upcoming national election may lead to some sort of backlash against foreigners, particularly Americans. What a load of crap!

It seems someone in the USA State Department has confused the Nicaragua national elections in November with that of the USA. I can assure everyone that most Nicaraguans don’t become hostile over an election here as the world sees voters in the USA becoming. Daniel Ortega will win the election and the consistency in governance is good for the country, generally speaking.

That’s all I have to say on that subject.

Will The Canal Be Built?

I am asked about the future of The Nicaraguan Canal, formally the Nicaraguan Canal and Development Project, a few times a month. I know there is a lot of misinformation out there, mostly originating from Panama, the USA, and other sources with special interests. These information sources suggest a canal will not be built. This too is a load of crap!

Since the canal project was proposed China’s economy has taken a hit. Wang Jing, the Chinese businessman and force behind the canal, lost and estimated 85% of his net worth during the 2015-16 Chinese stock market downturn. However, both Russia and Iran are rumored to be in discussions about investing in the canal project. Which countries or individuals are involved in the construction of a new canal is irrelevant. What is important for investors to know is that the canal will be built… eventually.

Hotel de Sonrisas, Granada, Nicaragua

Forget all of the negative spin and outright misinformation. The fact is that The Nicaragua Canal HAS to be built. The Panama Canal was widened to extend it’s lifespan, but it will become obsolete within a decade or two. Logistics demands that another inter-ocean waterway be constructed that is wider and deeper than even the revamped Panama Canal. The next generation of super tanker, container and ore carrying ships, and even super cruise liners, are going to be wider, have deeper keels, and be longer than the Panama Canal will allow. This is the simple reality, and no amount of spin is going to change this fact.

The Deal Of The Day!

There are a number of properties being offered for sale around the Laguna de Apoyo crater. Some are rim properties, while others are inside the crater. Some properties are already developed, some land is used for agriculture, and the rest is undeveloped.

Laguna de Apoyo is a water reserve and recent laws have limited what can be done with land inside the crater. Basically, unless a property has an existing foundation it can not be built upon, period. Existing landowners are not pleased with this turn of events of course, and many are trying to sell their property. I assume they’re hoping to find someone who wants a piece of land they can pitch a tent on. Then again, maybe a seller is looking for a sucker who does not do their due diligence and will buy the property, only to find out later they can not build anything.

There are a number of existing homes, abandoned homesteads with derelict structures, and already subdivided land with lots that can be developed or expanded. There are also a few rim properties that can be developed because they are outside the restriction zone. Of these rim properties, some titles extend down the slope of the crater walls and along the shore. Only the rim portion of such parcels can actually be developed.

One choice piece of property is detailed here. It is a parcel of land approximately 35 acres in total with a clear title. There is water and electricity available and the road to the property, although not maintained well, is an official roadway. The price and terms are negotiable. In fact, the property can be purchased for the cost of a couple of existing rim lots, or for less than any of the American standard houses for sale around Laguna de Apoyo.

It is a bit of a challenging hike down to the lake-shore, but the shore can be reached by car as well. However, for someone wanting a one of a kind view, this rim property has spectacular views for 360 degrees. These views include Mombacho volcano, the crater lake of course, Lake Nicaragua in the distance, mountain vistas, and the cities of Catarina and Granada. There is not a single potential building site within the 35 acres that doesn’t provide a breathtaking view. The elevation and constant breeze cools the temperature, keeping it in the mid 20s Celsius.

For photos and more information check out: Laguna de Apoyo Rim Property

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