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Super Rent To Own Deals

I have been working with the developer to provide a number of ocean front and ocean view lots at Playa Remanso Resort on a rent to own basis.

Important Update: The number of building lots available to be acquired through rent to own contracts has been greatly increased. For more information, contact Nica Investments.

Playa Remanso Resort is 4.8 kilometers from the center of San Juan del Sur, in the south of Nicaragua. There are already 44 lots sold, and a number of houses have already been constructed, most of which are inhabited by owners.

A view of Playa Remanso

A hotel resort building is already completed and has a dozen cabana style rooms available to rent. Fifty more cabana rooms are planned. A second hotel resort is planned as well, and is to be the cornerstone of a later phase of the development.

Playa Remanso Resort Rent To Own

Thirty-six lots of varying sizes have been set aside as rent to own properties. Tenant-Purchasers can choose to rent to own only the lot itself for a term of 5 to 10 years. At the end of the contract a buy out sum of zero dollars is possible. This option would be ideal for anyone wanting to purchase a building lot now while prices are low, then build at a later date.

Tenant-Purchasers can also choose to rent to own both the lot and a finished home. The terms and conditions of a lot and home, rent to own agreement would depend on a number of variables, such as lot size, construction cost, interest rate, and so on. Contact Nica Investments for more information.

Inquiries are welcome and we look forward to discussing both lot only and completed rent to own vacation of retirement homes.

Canadian and American Tenant-Purchasers will enter into a rent to own agreement with a Nicaraguan bank that has agreed to partner with Nica Investments and the developer of Playa Remanso Resort. All other nationals will be dealing directly with the developer, who is offering to finance rent to own contracts for Tenant-Purchasers from around the world.

Initial buy in costs are very affordable. The amount of the first month rent to own payment, as well as set up and legal fees are all that is required for qualified Tenant-Purchasers to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Act now, because 36 lots are not expected to last long when terms and conditions are so attractive!